Every single day 32 children are diagnosed with cancer. 4 of those children will not survive. The rest can suffer from long term effects from their treatment.

$5.067 BILLION in government funding is for cancer research. 4% of that goes towards pediatric cancer. 

Average cost of cancer treatment for 1 child is $500,000. Even with insurance, out-of-pocket costs average $40,000 per child for treatment. 40% of a families monthly income (on average) will go to cancer-related costs that are NOT direct medical bills such as transportation, decreased income, and relocation for treatment. 

These numbers are staggering. They have to change. These kids deserve to be more than just 4%. 

Lighthouse For Hope covers the things that insurance doesn't cover. While we can't make all these extra expenses go away, we can make a dent. Some of the best things people did for my families during one of our trials with cancer was give us gas cards and fill our fridge. At one point I was driving over 40 miles to the hospital every day for 12 weeks in a car that sometimes couldn't even make the trip to Target. 

We can make sure that these families can buy gas to drive to and from the hospital, put food on the table, and have clean clothes to wear to chemo. If even for just a brief moment, they do not have to worry about affording basic necessities while experiencing the physical, emotional, and financial setbacks caused by childhood cancer. 

Join us and be a light.