For Frank


lighthouse received an email . . .

Lighthouse For Hope recently received an email from a social worker at Hospice Hawaii. Lighthouse For Hope has not helped families in Hawaii and is not connected with any hospitals out there, so it was surprising to hear from them! They told us about a young man named Frank. 

Frank is a social, respectful and focused 17 year old who loves to play football, read, attend school and go to church. He traveled to Hawaii from American Samoa in 2016 to seek treatment for his cancer. He is the second oldest of 5 children. His parents and younger siblings recently joined him in Hawaii to support Frank in his battle against cancer and to spend as much time with Frank as possible as his cancer is now terminal.

Frank's family has a very limited income. They live together with his aunt in a small 2 bedroom apartment with no car. The most difficult thing for Frank and his parents have been traveling to and from American Samoa and not being together when Frank needed treatment. Frank and his family could really benefit from financial assistance, including rental assistance, an airline ticket for his older sister to get to Hawaii from American Samoa, food or grocery gift cards, gas cards, international calling cards, or any other type of assistance available.

Lighthouse for Hope would like to help Frank and his family as best as we can. Please share this page and their story. Frank does not have a lot of time left, so we need to act fast! If you have any connections or ideas, please feel free to email 

If you are able, please donate below to help Frank and his family. Any amount helps and will make a difference. 

Be a light!