Providing support for families fighting pediatric cancer. 

MISSION: Lighthouse For Hope strives to fight alongside families experiencing the physical, emotional, and financial setbacks caused by Pediatric Cancer by providing them with support and assistance for day-to-day necessities.


 What does Lighthouse do?

Lighthouse provides families with meals, gas cards, clothing, supplies, and other necessities that insurance doesn't cover. Lighthouse For Hope isn't just about providing families with money for gas. While paying for household expenses is important, Lighthouse is passionate about becoming a support system for children and families that otherwise would not have one. We become a light in the dark by advocating and supporting those experiencing the darkness that is childhood cancer. 


What does Lighthouse give to a family?

When Lighthouse is sponsoring a family, the financial support consists of assistance for household expenses (gas cards, grocery cards, Wal-mart gift cards, Target gift cards, Visa gift cards, etc.). In addition to this financial support, we supply each family with a box full of supplies and gifts. The box usually includes: clothes, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo and conditioner, soap, blankets, wash cloths, socks, books, toys, diapers, cleaning supplies. Usually each family has a specific need as well. Lighthouse has provided families with tires, beds, a stroller, school supplies, and even a Christmas tree!