Illuminate Retreat

2020 dates and location tbd

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Lighthouse For Hope is excited to announce the first ever Illuminate Retreat! A relaxing getaway for young women ages 18-25 that are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

This retreat will be a chance for 12 brave young women to come together in a beautiful setting and connect with those that are experiencing the same hardships caused by cancer. It is a common misconception that pediatric cancer only impacts young children. There are so many young adults that are being treated for pediatric cancers, yet they do not receive the same programming or benefits if they are over the age of 18. This Illuminate Retreat would be an opportunity for you to feel loved and supported. As a nonprofit, we hope to spread awareness for the various aspects of pediatric cancer and all the obstacles it brings. This retreat will help bring awareness to the fact that pediatric cancer doesn't discriminate and can happen to anyone. This is another chance for us to bring light to the lives of those fighting the good fight!

Where & When: TBD

What To Expect: A once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience! Details to come.

Qualifications: You may apply if you are a female between the ages of 18 and 25 and are currently undergoing treatment for pediatric cancer or have recently completed treatment. If you are currently on treatment, you must receive doctors clearance to attend and send documentation.

Application Process: Retreat attendance is limited to 12 young women. Our team prayerfully considers each submission, and reserves the right to accept or deny any applicant at our sole discretion. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial by early 2020.

Retreat Cost: $300 (scholarships available)

Retreat Cost covers lodging, meals during the retreat, ground transportation, and planned activities.

*Flights are not included in pricing. If not local, each person is responsible for booking their own airfare. However, Lighthouse For Hope will supply airfare assistance for those that qualify.

Illuminate Retreat Application - 2020

Name *
Date Of Birth *
Date Of Birth
Current state of residence.
Diagnosis information and date of diagnosis.
Hospital where receiving treatment.
If not already referred by a social worker, please provide the name and email of your social worker. We will be confirming diagnosis and background information.
Treatment Information *
Please share the story of your cancer journey so far.
Please describe any dietary restrictions or food allergies that you have.
Please share mental health history or other conditions we should be aware of, if any.
Are you currently taking any medications? Please list here.
Any other conditions or issues (physical, medical, emotional, psychological) to inform us of? Please describe.
Please list an emergency contact including name, relationship, and phone number.
Payment *
Each participant can engage in fundraising toward the costs of the retreat and we will help you do so by providing Lighthouse For Hope information. You may choose to create a crowd funding campaign (like GoFundMe), post on social media, send letters to friends and relatives, etc. There are many options!
If applying for a full of partial scholarship, please provide your household income. You will need to submit income statements. Please note that you can be accepted to the Illuminate Retreat, but are not guaranteed a scholarship based on the information you provide.
Please describe your funding needs. It is a critical part of our mission not to exclude anyone from this opportunity due to financial restrictions and we work very hard to gather funds necessary to ensure inclusion of all girls. The cost of attending this retreat is available on a sliding scale fee. Please describe your funding needs, including how much you can afford to pay, how much you plan to fundraise, and how much you would like to request from Lighthouse For Hope. Please include if you will need additional assistance with airefare.
I Understand *
That this cost includes daily meals, activities, ground transportation, and the services of staff. Flights are NOT reflected in the $400 price.
I Understand *
That I may be sharing a room with fellow Illuminate Retreat attendees.
Please include any additional information or background story about yourself that you would like Lighthouse to know.